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11th Month Warranty

With an 11th month's home warranty inspection you will be able to spot any potential issues that could crop up in your new home as it ages.

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Let Us Handle Your Home Warranty Inspection in Nashville, TN

A home warranty inspection is a comprehensive assessment of your new home performed 11 months after you move in. This inspection aims to ensure that all systems and components of your home are working as they should. The inspection also includes an assessment of any potential problems, which are identified and prioritized so they can be addressed before they become more serious. This includes both structural and cosmetic issues, such as water damage and peeling paint. Trust me for the job. I guarantee a thorough inspection of your home in Nashville, TN.

Why Should You Have an 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

Having a new home inspection is important because it helps you keep up with your warranty coverage. This can protect you from unexpected costs if there are problems with your home that are covered by your warranty. As your trusted home inspector, I will help you check for any issues or defects that might be covered under the home inspection warranty.

Would You Like to Schedule a New House Inspection?

Because there are so many variables involved in building a house, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise during construction or shortly after occupancy. A new construction 11th-month home warranty inspection will help you identify problems before they become serious issues—which could save you thousands of dollars down the line! Call now and schedule your service in Nashville, TN.