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Pre-Listing Inspection

Selling your home? Ensure you get a great deal! Our pre listing inspections provide you with all the details about the current state of your home.

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Providing Pre listing Home Inspection Services in Nashville, TN

If you list your house without an inspection, you could lose a lot of money. Make sure that there are not hidden problems that could cause a potential buyer to back out of the negotiation. Instead, ensure the quality of your home by hiring Picklesimer Home Inspections. As a certified home inspector, I take pride in assisting homeowners in Nashville, TN, in the first step of selling their homes. With my assistance, you’ll be able to receive your home’s worth.

Learn the Importance of a Property Inspection

No matter if your house looks great, a house inspection can reveal serious technical, safety, or functional issues present without your knowledge. Specifically,  pre-listing inspections are ideal for identifying and either repairing or disclosing issues found before placing the property on the market.

Repairing the items would typically be the most beneficial towards completing the sale, however, there may be financial reasons why the owner can’t make the repairs. Disclosing them upfront and pricing the home based upon that disclosure will often times produce a higher net sale price for the owner.

Get in Touch With a Qualified Property Inspector

The decision to buy a house is big, and prospective homeowners think carefully before making this significant investment. Therefore, you need to be a step ahead. Schedule a pre-listing inspection before putting your house on the market. You will get an overview of the property’s overall condition, allowing you to fix what needs to be fixed and ask for a higher price during the negotiation process. Get in touch with me and learn more about my services in Nashville, TN.